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Scene : When thugs beat Jai

love aaj kal

One night when jai was roaming on road and suddenly some thugs arrived and they mugged jai ,and take away all the things,watch,ring.  And he gave all the things but then they ask for the photograph of  Meera residing inside his wallet..even after all this time … Jai refuse to give the photograph. They beat him..they beat him close to death but jai didnโ€™t give them meeraโ€™s photograph..

That moment..he realized that he really loves Meera. It was Meera whom he was missing so much from all this time. And then he said seeing her photograph.. Meera ye tum thiโ€ฆ.ye tum thiโ€ฆye tum kar rahi thi. To work in The golden Gate Inc was his dream  but he lost interest in job..He met even psychiatrist. But even she couldnโ€™t find out the reason behind Jaiโ€™s depression. But seeing her photo.. Jai realized it was not the work pressure, nor the new city.. but the absence of Meera, Which was troubling him so much.

Then he called Veer Singh and told him..Ek saal se mila nhi hu usse..6 mahine se awaz nhi suni hai uski fir bhi aisa lgta hai wo ghus chuki hai mere andar tak.

This scene just Portrait that how little things matter in life. How the absence of someone can change your mood..way of living. How deep that absence  can cut down  your soul. How much you miss their little things in day to day life. This scene just scream that hold onto your matter how hard it gets.

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Anchal Verma
Anchal Verma
1 year ago