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Here we will share “Baatein kuch ankahee si” from your favourite movie Dear Zindagi

Scene:Last meeting of Kaira and Dr.Jahangir Khan(jug)

Last session of therapy…but kaira was not ready to leave his DD(dimag ka doctor).She even confesses her feelings that she really like him..and if they continue to meet apart from the therapy sessions…

Jug denied his feelings at that time .because when Jug said ..i like you too..there were mixed feelings..he always told kaira to express her feelings..but in their last meeting..he didn’t express his feelings…that he is also feeling some connection with kaira…and he lied that these kind of feelings are common ..that everyone he counsels feel same about him…He knew that it was special ..still he lied for Kaira..

When Jug taught kaira that har tooti hui chiz Jodi ja skti hai..he was not referring to that metal showpiece..he was referring to Kaira’s broken heart.. and when Kaira finally become happy..he didn’t want to be her next kursi..because he don’t want to become that one special rishta in her life..He wanted to be her DD forever..who helped her in solving her jigsaw puzzle of life..with whom she can share her heart out..

Kaira expressed her feelings just like Jug taught her to do..but he hide his feelings and tears behind that eyedrops…just like in their first  last before saying goodbye..kaira watched..that chair(that creaks),that metal showpiece…that gramophone..the Jug…and the Buzzer..which she used to hate…now she was going to miss all of them..and when Kaira bid Jug Goodbye…even his favourite chair played creak game with him…because..a part of him was left with kaira…and a part of kaira was residing inside him…

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