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Depression…ye word sunte hi kaisi image bnti hai mind me..hamesha dukhi rehne kamzor sa dikhne wala…jo bas  akele rehta ho…kisi se bat na krta ho… bas rota rehta ho…Yahi sochte hain na aap sabhi. RIGHT??

WRONG..this is not what depression exactly is…and don’t  judge  a person whether he is suffering from depression or just seeing him…

jb bhi hm kisi ko rote hue dekhte hain..tohh kya bolte hain..arre bht weak h wo..jb dekho chhoti chhoti bat pe ro deta hai.Noooo!!!!

Rona is not the parameter of weak or strong.It can be the parameter of how emotional a person is,but how can we relate this to mental strength  .

Sabse zyada hasne wala insane bhi depressed ho skta hai..or dukhi dikhne wala stop judging on the basis of that !!!

According to the report of WHO(World Health organization) , Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. And in the worst scenario the result of depression is suicide…and the report says almost  800 000 people die due to suicide every year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-years of age group.

Mental health depression

So something is wrong naa…hum kahi toh galat ja rae hain..Okkk..just tell me something..hme jb fever hota hai hm kya krte hai..hum  pehle toh home remedies and kuch dwa se khud hi usko sahi krne ki koshish krte hain..jab nhi sahi hota hm ache doctor k pas jate proper dwa deta hai..or hum thk ho jate hain…

Now 2nd scenario…we have some mental disorder..hum khud usko treat nhi kar sakte…because we don’t to get over second option is doctor..Hum doctor k paas bhi nhi ja skte. KYUUUU???? Arree kaise jae ..jaege toh bagal wale Sharma ji kya kahege ki wo toh pagal hai..kal dimag k doctor k pas gya tha…Yesss this is how the society thinks…or hum bhi toh society ka hissa hi hai..we are no different.

Is bat ko Dear Zindagi movie me Dr.Jahangir Khan(Shahrukh Khan)  ne bht ache se baaki sari bimariyo ke bare me hum logo ko bta skte hain..I have some kidney problem..i have diabetes…but dimag ki bimari ..wo kisi ko nhi bta skte…jaise dimag body ka hissa hi nhi hai.

Kitne hi log aise hote doctor toh door..apne tk ko nhi bta skte  what they are going unhe acha nhi feel hota.. they are having anxiety attacks…sirf judge hone k darr unhe pagal bola jaega

And this is from where the condition starts getting worse…Unhe proper guidance..counselling and medication nhi mil pata…or atlast they choose SUICIDE.

Acha…ek bat btaiye..hum sabhi ne bht saaare logo ko apni fb wall pe ye share krte dekha hoga…ki Depression kills..if you have any problem ..just talk to me #(hashtag)You_are_not_alone….Reallyyyy…I mean..aapko sach me aisa lgta hai ki jo depression me hoga..wo aake aapke post pe comment krke kahega ki ha…I am in problem ,please save me!!!No dear..This is not how it have win trust of that person..apko us person k itna close hona pdega ki wo apne mann ki har bat bina judgement k darr k aap se keh pae.Because if a person is really in need,wo kisi bhi random person se nhi share kr skta apne mann ki baat

Chaliye ek aur example lete hain…hmare friend ne hme btaya ki he feels terrible..he is depressed…hmara answer generally kya hota hai..Arre khush rehne ki koshish kro..dukhi mt ho. Seee this is the problem…I have read a quote somewhere …that the main problem with having mental illness is that people expect us to behave like we don’t have one. Jo problem me hai..usse bhi pta hai ki khush hona is the only usse ye nhi pta hota ki how to be happy..

aise insaan ko aapse ye ummeed nhii hai ki aap uska hath pakad k usse Ujale ki taraf le jao…usse bs ye chaiye ki jab tk wo andhere me hai..aap bs uske paas raho..just be a listening ear…till the person get strength to walk into the light.usse btao ki I am here with you…no matter how long or how worse it gets.

So..hme fb wall pe kuch likhne ki zarurt nhi hai.Just keep checking on your loved and closed ones..unke behavior me agar thoda sa bhi change feel krte hai..toh it should be our hum puche unse ki whats wrong… I love one of the advertisement by The live laugh love Foundation(TLLL)…ki parvaaah hai toh #dobara pucho .It is the only way to keep everyone safe.

Just be more kind and less judgmental..and the world will be really beautiful

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Shivam Rathore
Shivam Rathore
1 year ago

Awesome brother ? Words touched my heart.

Anchal Verma
Anchal Verma
1 year ago

Very true?

Ashish Tiwari
Ashish Tiwari
1 year ago

Nicely written and covered the real easy to deal n help in heal

Divya thakur
Divya thakur
1 year ago

Awesome…. Vry touching…. Nd vry true… ?????