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Pen Paper and Heart invites you to the world of podcasting by sharing the podcasts you can listen on spotify, google podcasts, apple podcasts, deezer, jiosaavn and all major podcast platforms available across the world kukufm hub hopper radio public


-Ann Handley, Digital Marketing Pioneer, Writer and Speaker

Being a podcaster is always a tough job for you to gain audience but a very beautiful quote is there

You are going to be terrible at a lot of things for years until you are successful. People probably aren’t going to listen to your podcast initially. But if you like stand you keep putting it out, People will find it

-Keith Kingbay, Co-Host of “New player has joined”

We would like to introduce you all with the following podcasts you would love


Desmond Fernandes born in Goa, brought up in Mumbai, A person who is a good listener and likes to have fun conversations with his own point of view and encourage others to make their own

“This channel invites guests to share and discuss their experiences on various topics”

“Something you wanna know” is the right podcast where he talk about random interesting facts

2.FM DOWNTOWNโ„ข – Podcast by Aman Singh

FM DOWNTOWNโ„ข is an Entertainment Podcast where you can listen to Stories,  poems, and general interviews with special guests.

It is hosted by Aman Singh. Aman Singh is born and Brought up in Varanasi,  A city with a great history as the oldest city on earth which is full of spiritual Environment. By profession Aman Is a Medical Student. But not only this, he is a Podcaster, Public Speaker,  Entrepreneur, and Founder and CEO of FM DOWNTOWNโ„ข PODCASTS. Within a very short span of time he Gained The 3k listeners in just 1 month of launching his first show. At the age of just 18 the talent is really Remarkable in this field. And now the Reputed Podcasting Companies like Hubhopper started Following FM DOWNTOWNโ„ข on Instagram,  that really marks the Strong Presence Isn’t. Listen to FM DOWNTOWNโ„ข for once and you will end up falling in love with that.

3. Being Meraklis – Podcast by Shwetha Sivaraman


Being Meraklis is a podcast to inspire to live life to its fullest through my journey of self-discovery. 
Listen to authentic conversations about living a highly inspired, engaging, and blissful life.  
These discussions from all walks of life serve as a reminder of how we are not alone in this journey and on the simple things we can do to make this life a memorable and beautiful experience.

4.Chase Your Dream-Podcast by Soumen Sengupta

What is  podcast about?

Here he Interviews people from different parts of the world and they share their dreams and success stories. The hardships they have to face in achieving those dreams,
A storytelling motivational Podcast.


5.Podcasts by Saurabh Thakare

i.  Hindi Stories kahani by Saurabh Thakarey

ii. World’s Smallest World’s Biggest

Saurabh Thakare is actor by Profession Dancer by passion and Storyteller by heart. He always believe in magic of stories since childhood. He found Podcast the key medium to connect with people through stories thats why he has started two hindi podcast channel

1) Hindi Stories kahani by Saurabh Thakarey :- Stories of India and world and World War Episodic Series from ww1.ww2 till Modern War
2) World’s Smallest World’s Biggest :-Podcast with Fun amazing facts about world’s Smallest Biggest largest longest things
He always believe in expression and Podcast helps him a lot to express

6. Talkiwood:A Podcast by Prerana


Well, TalkiWood is place where you may look for interesting thought and daily life experiences. You can learn and explore the routine jobs.

She thinks we should speak our mind and so this is the best way to put your own thought.

She is  an HR by professional and a podcaster by passion. Being an HR, Corporate person and a podcaster, it makes her more better and diverse person.

TalkiWood is making constant efforts to make a smile on the faces of their listeners through their unique and comedy content.

7. Privilege Check Podcasts- By Loveleen Palan and Shivangi Tripathi.


Privilege Check Podcasts is a platform where they dissect statements made by the upper 1% to bring forth the veiled reality of this world as they have access to. These views are entirely personal and in no shape or form intends to hurt the sentiments of the listener. With the view to empower the inherently weaker sections of society through their privilege, they present new episodes every Thursday! 

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