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Scene: When Raghu boards the train for Leena

Leena was going to Delhi. She was crying,feeling lost,hopeless and alone. And then she saw a man running on platform. He was covered in blanket and then he boarded the same train as Leena . Leena’s heart was saying it must be Raghu..and then he removes the blanket and leena saw his face.

Β In a heartbeat leena’s hopelessness converted into relief. And there he was standing Raghu,tilting his head towards berth ,Sighing in relief. They both said nothing but conversation was plenty with the eyes. Once Leena told him… β€œMai janti ho tumhe ,Apne bhi nhi ho utne jitne ,mere ho tum”. He was saying the same thing to Leena with his eyes.

And then song plays in background…

Haan tum ho, na tum ho
Tum ho khamoshi meri
Chaahe bolo ya na bolo
Tum to rahogi meri

This song..its lyrics ..they just explain the situation so beautifully. It explains the feelings of Raghu..Leena’s Raghu . Raghu who dance with her in farewell party like no one is watching..who danced like it’s the only day to make special .

Tum jahan kahogi
Wahin pe miloonga
Main yakeen hoon tere
Sath hi rahoonga
Tera hoke, tera banke

These lines true they seem. Because Raghu left Udaipur also drop out his medical. Just for Leena…To be with Leena in Delhi.This is so beautiful and deep ..that if you let yourself immerse in the feeling ,you will fall in love not with the characters but with the love itself.

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