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Here we will share baatein kuch ankahee si from your favourite movie Mohabbatein

Scene: When Megha dies

This sceneโ€ฆwhere Megha(Aishwarya) was wearing white saree and her motherโ€™s mangalsutra.. and she just jump off the roof and diesโ€ฆwhat do you think ..why she died. Was that because she loved Raj..or was that because her father Mr.Narayan Shankar didnโ€™t agree to their love..she loved Raj so muchโ€ฆshe told her father about him..but he didnโ€™t understand what were her feelings..because he had another theory about love..That love makes  a person weakโ€ฆalthough he loved Megha very much..he even said after Rusticating Raj from College โ€ฆthat he is doing it all for her wellbeing..all he wanted was Meghaโ€™s happiness..He never wanted Megha to die..his intentions were never wrong..maybe his ways were wrong..

Megha loved her father so much but her love for raj was not less.. she said before Dying..Papa mai aap se bht pyar krti hu or aapko dukhi nhi dekh skti par Raj se bhi bht pyar krti hu or uske bina jee nhi skti

When her father didnโ€™t agree for their loveโ€ฆMegha understood one thing that she had to choose between two of her favourite person..She knew that she was split in two partsโ€ฆbetween her father and Raj..and no matter whom she choose โ€ฆsheโ€™ll never feel complete again without any one of them .

So she chose death ..because she denied to live Incomplete..

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