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We might have heard that hardwork is the key to success but I think Persistence is the most underrated term when we talk about success,

Hardwork is necessary but Persistence is mandatory.

Hardwork will help you to get closer to your goal ,when you are attempting it for the first time , But what if after all the hardwork ,all the efforts you failed…Then only thing that will help stand back and  strong is Persistence.

In life..there comes a time , when you no longer want to do the things which you do, you have no desire to get up from bed..You don’t even do the things ,which you used to love. Then at that time just take a pause and remember why you have  started . What was the purpose behind starting the war you are fighting today. And just because you are mentally tired in that war doesn’t mean you should stop. Just imagine about the happiness which you will get after that war is over…that thought of happiness, that belief will get you going through that storm. And that belief will only come through persistence.

You must have heard of a proverb that

River cut through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence…

But one thing you have to keep close with persistence is patience…

I will define Persistence as

Stubbornness with a hint of patience

One more thing you should keep in mind that whenever the things starts seeming impossible and you get tired, it means you are very close to your goal and that time you just cant afford to give up. Ok let me clear this thing with the help of an example…Have you ever been on trekking ….when you start climbing the are very happy and excited , and walk with all the strength, In the middle when you get tired , but still keep walking . But when you are about to get on top of  that mountain at that moment you just don’t have strength to move even a inch, but that is the moment when you just cant give up…just imagine about the view when you are at the top of that mountain… Just think about that view and stand back and start climbing again..

So whenever in life when things start seeming all dark and goal becomes blurry…just remember you are very close to acquire it.and the  thing which will help you in the process is Persistence.

Now I just want to conclude the whole thing in one line:

Jab Koshisho ke pair thak jaenge…

Tab zidd k pankh manzil tak pahuchaenge

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