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Here we will share “Baatein kuch ankahee si” from your favourite movie Rockstar

Scene : When Jordan was talking to Heer over phone..Sitting in car outside Heer’s house

Tujhe bahar nhi aana tha heer….this scene from Rockstar …it has the kind of  soul that connects to heart…Jordan…the famous … musician taught us no matter how successful, rich we become… we’ll always be a hollow from inside if the person to which our soul belongs is not with us…...

when he said aaj itna bada star hu maiโ€ฆpaisa hai..par andar sirf jalan hai .. he taught us that there is a difference between breathing and being alive…there is a difference between smiling and being happy ..and this story differentiate that very wellโ€ฆ

and there was Heer ..she was suffering from some life-threatening illness..her body was not producing  blood.. because she was just breathing without Jordan….although she had everything but she was not happyโ€ฆand her condition was truly song hava hava โ€ฆ.

Soney Ki Deewarein Mujhe Khushi NaaYeh De Paayein Ae.. Aazadi De De Mujhe Mere Khuda…. Le Le Tu Daulat Aur Kar De Riha” and after all the argument..when Heer said..Jordan kya mujhe Hug kr skte hoโ€ฆJordan didnโ€™t even waste a second in replying her question..he came in a moment and hugged her..without caring about anything..without thinking about the consequencesโ€ฆand Heer..who was on bed rest..Suddenly gained all the strength and come to hug him..just to live for some time and not just breatheโ€ฆ

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