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Scene: When Sid leaves Aishaโ€™s house

Sidโ€™s father called back him home after he proved that he is not unworthy and irresponsible..Sid called Aisha to come home early as he was leaving. When Aisha came Sid was packing his stuff . He was so happy that everything just became fine.He got a new job , his parents are not angry with him anymore and finally he is going back to his home. But When Aisha came to know about this she was just blank she didnโ€™t know how to react. She should be happy for Sid, Sidโ€™s happiness but how could she???

Because she didnโ€™t want Sid to go..She didnโ€™t want him to be apart from her. But this is the point she canโ€™t even stop him from goingโ€ฆbecause it was technically wrong. Loveeee!!!!! It doesnโ€™t know any technicalities , it doesnโ€™t know what is logically correct it just know that the two person who are in love shouldnโ€™t get apart. And that was the exact feeling Aisha was feeling.

This Ayan Mukherjiโ€™s movie enlist some very small human emotions, which we all feel when we love someone so deeply.This scene was one of them.

Aisha was not happy ,she was sad as Sid was instead of telling him the truth she fought with him as if everything was his fault. This is it..This is we all do when we canโ€™t express our real emotionsย  and we cant hide it too , we create a ugly mess. And Aisha had created that mess .. he didnโ€™t even say goodbye to Sid. After Sid was gone she just stared at her only photo which was clicked by Sid.And then the soundtrack that played in the background.. explains her feeling so well:

Rooh ka banjara re parinda..
Chhadd gya dil ka re gharonda..
Chhadd gya dil ka re gharonda tod k..
Ghraonda tod k ..gaya chhod k

And the night when she was missing him so badly , Because a part of her left with Sid and a part of him still living with her.โ€ฆshe felt alone .. She felt so alone that she called her mother and talked to her , to combat her pain. She did exactly what we all do, when we get angry and hurt by our loved one . We want our closed one to hold usโ€ฆSo that our broken pieces donโ€™t get lost in this world.

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