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When Life gets tough…

When everything seems dark…when shore seems too far..when every single thing is falling apart…when every hope is dying …all we need is courage .Yes only a moment of courage can wash off stigma of ages…Read carefully I didn’t say that your problem and pain will end just in a moment..but yes, a never reverting healing  process will start.

I have read a quote written by  Adam Lindsay Gordan ,which I want to share here:

life is mostly froth and bubble,

Two things stand like stone.

Kindness in another’s trouble

Courage in your own”

See it is clear that courage is the only choice to stay strong when the life gets tough for us.. it is the only choice to keep yourself going when life is blocking your way with tough challenges.

Lets me ask you something…When I am talking that have courage in tough times..what do you get by that..Should you be happy even when the life is going really tough??? Answer is No!!! A big NO!! It’s your right to  grieve..its your right to feel all the pain.. and its completely fine to feel hopeless.Courage never say Do not Despair…Courage says …Just work on despair, Because no matter how big the problem is..dont let it block your way..and let hope be your path clearance system till the end.Let courage be your tough partner when life gets tough.

When life gives you problem..pain.. what you generally try to stop it..But there is no way you can stop it from reaching you..No matter how hard or how long you try you just  cant stop it.

Because it is like Tsunami  it’ll  get to you and you’ll definitely drown in that Tsunami of Pain and problems.The only way to deal with pain is to allow it to reach your heart.. mind ..soul…You have to let yourself sink in that pain in order to survive. You have to sink yourself until you learn to swim , until you come back Stronger  from that Tsunami of Problem.

When everything seems dark ,just keep hope and courage be your candle. Because it is very important how you deal with problems,how you deal with that dark….how to react to situation this is what important not the result..not the recovery.Your effort and attitude while facing problems is important not the result. I have read a quote written by Ray Kinard regarding this:

Oh trouble’s a ton,or a

Trouble’s an ounce,

Or a trouble is what you make it,

And it isn’t the fact you’re

Hurt that counts,

But only how did you take it?

When life gets tough,when it play tricks on you just have faith in your heart and courage in your mind,because with courage maybe you can do little things,but without it you are gonna do nothing.

All the problems of life,the tougher ones, they are like monsters.Not the monster which we find under our bed,but the ones which lives inside our head.You have to fight with them and conquer them.Because conquering the monsters living in your head is more important than defeating the ones laying under the bed.

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Rajat Singh
Rajat Singh
1 year ago

Great story.. Encouraging .. Motivating.. I can feel the chills inside my body.. Thanks alot for this…

Anchal Verma
Anchal Verma
1 year ago

Awesome..very encouraging

Himani Rathore
Himani Rathore
1 year ago

Beautifully penned ??????

1 year ago